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We provide high quality, eco friendly houses and low energy houses which are not only easy on the eye, but being low on energy are environmentally friendly - giving you the maximum of energy efficiency.

We can do the planning and building for you:

- Detached houses

- Apartment buildings

- Semi-detached houses

- Terraced houses

- Swedish-style houses

- Low carbon emission houses

- Housing developments

- Holiday developments

- Commercial property

- Restaurant and catering property

- Retirement homes


Your house will be built to your own specifications whether you choose an owner-finished, turnkey or ready for occupancy option.

You also have a large variety of home designs to choose from or you can submit your plans for a quote.

Energy ratings:

All of our low energy residential houses have an U-insulation value of 0,15W/m² as standard and meet or exceed the requirements of the German EnEV 2009 (Energy-saving Ordinance) for low energy houses, residential houses and ecological houses.

In order to provide our customers with peace of mind, all of our ecological houses and low energy houses are checked by independent experts during all construction phases and, after completion, are surveyed and certified.

This guarantees that your new home will be absolutely fault-free.

We use sustainable materials in all of our prefabricated homes which means that they are completely safe for your health and the environment.

A pre-constructed house and ecological house from Klee Hausbau is always something special.

Our hours of operating are Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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